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Stephenie Ojilere

1997 - Today

By: Jennifer Ojilere | Date Added:

Stephenie Ojilere, a first year medical student in St. James School of Medicine, worked as a medical scribe in City MD, located in Pelham Gardens in the Bronx. Her drive to get involved during the COVID-19 pandemic last summer came from the lack of healthcare resources available in her own community. “With the prices of healthcare fluctuating, it’s hard to find proper care for the right price.” That’s why she garners so much pride for her role in an urgent care facility, one that served her city and established a loving relationship with its residents. This wide-eyed future physician is motivated by her love for medicine and helping her New York City family. Being a medical student in the Carribeans, she knows she is meant for something greater. “With time and patience, I’ll grow to be a pediatrician and offer adequate care to those who need it.” Her advice? Be patient. Seize the day. And have fun! “It may seem like a long process, but if you put in the hard work and you are truly passionate about it, you’ll succeed.” But, most importantly, she advises those wishing to get involved in a field of medicine to not forget where you come from. “People try to run away to find something better, leaving your community in the dust. It’s best to go back to the village that raised you.” Still, she believes there is untapped potential in everyone. “Everyone is destined for greatness as long as you put the passion in your work.”

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