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Angela Jia Kim

1981 - Today

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Looking at the upbringing of her successful business Angela Jia Kim calls her self an ‘accidental beauty entrepreneur’. Kim comes from a path of concert pianist and moves to the ideas of beauty and skin care along the way. Kim mentions her beauty background comes from her Korean mother, which she considers more of a lifestyle then a background. Her whole career started off from when she used a regular lotion, before going on stage for a piano concert, and suddenly in front of everyone her face broke off into hives. As Kim explains, “I went down the rabbit hole and did lots of research. With my concert pianist background, I was used to trying to achieve extreme excellence and just really going deep with the subject.” – “It took me a good eight years just to figure things out—I don’t have an MBA degree. We opened our West Village Spa about eight years ago, and then a spa in the Hudson Valley, but I felt I arrived in 2017 on Earth Day when we opened our Upper West Side spa.” Alongside her store openings Kim’s success continues within her online store and expands worldwide.

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