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Alicia Flores Aristiguieta

1928 - 2018

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My mother was born in Caracas Venezuela on January 28, 1928. I loved to hear about her childhood memories. They were a combination of happy moments, music, food recipes, folklore songs and jokes. My grandfather died suddenly when she was 13 years old, this sad event changed her living conditions. She was force to left nursing school and start working as full-time apprentice at the biggest trousers’ factory in Caracas-Venezuela to help her family. Despite her humble upbringing, my mother took the initiative to learn how to make paper and fabric flowers, decorate nightgowns, first aids and cooking. In addition, she became a fan of movie idols and the music starts of her day. The following names come to mind when thinking about her Daniel Santos, La Sonora Matancera, Lucho Gatica and the Argentinian tango singer Carlos Gardel. When my mother was 18 years old, she met my father Raul Flores at a carnival party in Caracas. From that date until her death in 2018, they stayed together, during hard and good times. I want readers to know that my mother did not have the opportunity to go to school. However, she was a very smart woman, with a huge personality and a big heart. She loved helping neighbors, friends and family members. She was the soul of the party, the force bonding our family and a big advocate for improving the living conditions of her community. She left this world quietly on April 19/ 2018 at 9 p.m. My father Raul, her daughter Drucilla and her sons Heriberto, Raul and Rafael will always remember her saying “Hijos Pa Lante”

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