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Blanca Parra

1973 - Today

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Blanca Parra is an Ecuadorian woman who came to the United States in search of "The American Dream." When she first arrived in the U.S.A she started working as a construction worker being one of the few women in the work place. Being in a male dominated field made her strong, assertive, and proud of all she had accomplished. She then met her husband Segundo Escalante and had five children four girls and one boy. Unfortunately , one of the twins she had passed away a few weeks after she was born leaving Blanca devastated. Her kids then had kids and she became a loving grandmother. Blanca is not only my grandmother but she is also a role model that I want to respect and love with all my heart. After being here for over 20 years she decided to build a house for herself in Ambato, Ecuador and enjoys her days at home watching TV or solving Word puzzles. As an immigrant in this country she faced discrimination, racism, and prejudice. We often forget about how hard colored immigrant women have to work and the extra work they have to put in compared to white immigrant women. My grandmother had to work long and hard for everything and because of her determination my mother and now myself have the opportunities we would have never had in Ecuador. Blanca is the woman we should all aspire to be and a very important person in my life. Her cooking is also AMAZING!!

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