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Felicia Lowe

1960 - Today

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Felicia Lowe has had more than 35 years of production experience. She is an award-winning independent television producer, director, and a writer. Felicia has been awarded for many of her documentaries, and had received an Emmy for one of the Best Cultural Documentary "Chinatown: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco" also Lowe had also published more than one documentary such as "Carved in Silence," "China: Land of My Father." The first documentary ''Carved in Silence'' was about the history of Chinese immigrants during the Chinese Exclusion era where they were detained at the Immigration Station at Angel Island at San Francisco Bay, the documentary was chosen to be shown at the New Orleans Film Festival from October 17th to 25th. Lowe is an descendant from the Angel Island Detainees and she was a part of the Preservation of the Angel Island Immigration Station."China: Land of my Father" was a journey she took to meet her paternal grandmother who was 85 years old at the time, the filming took place in the People's Republic of China in 1979, where she had learned more about China, the country where her father had left behind. Lowe has received an Emmy nominee in 1980, CINE Golden Eagle, and a American Film Festival Red Ribbon Award. Lowe had went to Stanford University and San Francisco State University and had taught Film Production. Lowe had also shown a screening of the documentary, Chinese Couplets, which is a two sided documentary, which portrays the history and the investigation which went on where Lowe seeks the answers to her questions of when her mother emigrated to America during the Chinese Exclusion era. Before, when she started documenting, Lowe used to work at a children's television and Broadcast journalism.

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