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Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta

1967 - Today

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Mamatha Raghuveer Achanta is the founder of Tharuni, an NGO that works hard for the welfare of teenage Girls and Women in India. She has served as chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee, Warangal District, as a member of the A.P. State Commission for the Protection of Child Rights. She also created the Girl Child Clubs were girls are taught life lessons and skills. They help more than 12,000 rural girls from child-forced marriages and trafficking in 17 years. Dr. Mamatha also founded the Network of International Legal Activists (NILA) in 2015 which protects the rights of women and children all around the world. NILA's mission is to help children and women obtain access to a speedy justice though counseling and legal aid. This makes them more aware of the law that protects their rights by offering these victims assistance services.

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