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Komal Ahmed

1988 - Today

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Komal Ahmed is the founder and CEO of Chopia and is listed as Forbes 30 under 30. Komal while having lunch with a homeless veteran who came back from Iraq, found out he hadn't ate lunch in three days. Komal tried to find a way to help the homeless, so she reached her school dining hall to donate any excess food that was available and found out that later, there would be too much liability. Through this, she had found Chopia, which treats hunger as a logistics problem, and tries to solve the issue by using a tech platform. The algorithm that is created can match leftover food with a non-profit who is available to pick it up that day. When Komal had found the company, she had graduated from Y-Combinator and has recovered 1.5 million pounds of food and provided over $12M in savings to feed over 2 million people. Komal is also listed as one of the recipients for the Nelson Mandela award, Komal was listed as the 2016 social Entrepreneur of the year, and was named by the Fast Company as one of the Most Creative People in Business and by Toyota the mother of Invention. Copia's mission is to fruition globally, feeding hundreds of millions of people (and eventually billions of people), employing thousands, and changing perception, habits, and the world for the better. Komal had received her bachelors of Arts in International Health and Global Development, Global Poverty & Practice from University of California, Berkeley.

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