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Sarah Berlenbach

1988 - Today

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Sarah Berlenbach is an managing Director of Cherrydale Strategies. Sarah had grew up in a small Long Island town where they never spoke about "death, politics, or religion," but when the 2008 presidential election took place, conversation began. Sarah was also hooked on working on Barack Obama's presidential campaign and had also worked for Michael Bloomberg and had launched Everytown for Gun Safety. Sarah had also joined the Office of the Vice President of the White House and at first she was a policy analyst and then she was a Vice President of Joe Biden's associate director for policy. Sarah had a large emphasis on criminal justice, gun violence prevention, and also drug control. Sarah also had a mentor who had helped her in her career, which was Benjamin Harris who was a serious economist at the White House. In 2016, she was asked to travel with Biden to Baton Rouge. Harris who is the founder of Cherrydale strategies had asked her if she would be the managing director of his Washington D.C.-based consulting firm. Berlenbach had said "I’d say it’s one of the biggest compliments when someone you’ve worked with before chooses to work with you again and wants you to be a part of their team again.” Before working as the managing Director, Sarah was the Director of External Affairs of the Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment from February 2017 to June 2018.

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