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Natasha Avanessians

1988 - Today

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Natasha Avenessians is the chief of Staff, for the Long Island Rail Road. Her childhood was filled with tap dance and singing classes and her dream was to make it to Broadway. She had started changing her mind when she went to High School and in College she had went to study political science. After Natasha has graduated she had landed a job with government affairs firm Bolton-St. Johns, and was interested in transportation Policy. Avenessian had worked with the taxi industry and realized how important the mass transit was, she had also went to school and had gotten her master's degree in public administration and started working for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. When Phil Eng became the president of the Long Island Rail Road, he had chosen Avanessian to serve as the chief of staff and the first thing she has done was create the LIRR Forward Program, which was transformation for the Long Island RailRoad because it was new business. Avanessian also faces grievances from the people around her, but she said that makes it the best part and how important her decisions are. She had also mentioned that "public transit touches every single person."

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