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Emma Goldman

1869 - 1940

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"I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody's right to beautiful, radiant things." Emma was a gifted writer and orator, she was also an advocate for freedom of expression, birth control, sexual freedom, equality and independence for women and worker rights. These ideas were more to be unpopular in mainstream America and the ideas had been noted as dangerous anarchists, she would sometimes be harassed or arrested while giving as speech and even banned from speaking, one of the reasons for why she was arrested was because she had distributed information about birth control on February 11, 1916. Goldman had became an important figure for the right of freedom of speech in America. Emma wasn't really religious, but most of her beliefs had came from Jewish tradition which was a fight for universal justice. Emma had arrived to the United States at the age of 16 and was deeply tied to her beliefs. Emma had her experiences in Russia and was an immigrant in the United States where she had analysis's of the political and economical problems and her experiences from a Jewish historical experience and had been an important chapter in the Jewish activism in America. Emma had also served two years in prison for which she was against World War I. She had also believed that nonviolent revolution would win a free and egalitarian society. She had also fought for workers rights, against world war I, birth control, and against marriage. There would be an acceptance for every preference for every sexual preferences, and she was also against fascism. She had also been a role model for women activists in the sector for movements for change (JMAP). Emma had also been afraid of prison and she was threatened two times and had served two years in believing against the war. She was deported to the newborn Soviet Union and left for Canada and she was not afraid to express herself. She h

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