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Kerry Brodie

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Kerry Brodie is the executive director and founder of Emma's Torch. She has degrees in Middle Eastern affairs and public policy but while working in public policy she volunteered at a homeless shelter. At that moment she realized that she loved talking about food and decided that maybe food had the power to build bridges between people. Those types of interactions inspired her to start Emma's Torch a nonprofit that provides culinary training and job placements for refugees. In order to carry out her dream she took a great risk. She quit her job and went to culinary school, she ended up picking up teaching skills from her instructors. She hopes to continue prospering and expanding the non profit organization so that she could help as many people as possible. “I get the opportunity each and every day to work with inspiring people and to help them achieve their dreams,” Brodie says. “I think I’m the luckiest person that I have such a great job.”

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