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Alison Tait

1988 - Today

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Alison Tait, is the Chief Executive of Break the Silence. Break the silence is a non-profit organization which offers "development retreat, financial empowerment & awareness campaigns for victims of domestic violence." Prior to working for working at the company, she was previously the Chief Executive of the Robert Burns World Federating. Alison had joined the non-profit organization when her friend, Kate Short had started the organization in 2004. When Alison had first joined she became the treasurer and a few years later she had became the Acting chair. Alison had also run her own business where she offered business development, office management, and events and admin services. Kate Short the founder of the charity, had worked hard to help survivors of rape and childhood sexual abuse and when she had retired in 2015, she was still an specialist adviser to the Board of Trust of trustees.

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