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Barbara Ehrenreich

1941 - Today

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Barbara is an American author and a political activist. Ehrenreich is called a “veteran muckraker” by the New Yorker. Barbara had moved many times and by the time she was in her mid-teens is when she moved to Los Angeles. When her family has received middle class status that is when she decided to attend Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Barbara had first started to major in Chemistry then after a few years she had changed to Physics. Once she entered Grad school she had attended Rockefeller University in theoretical Physics. Barbara was feeling under-prepared, so she decided to change her major to molecular biology. When Barbara had her first child in 1970, she had went through transformations including politically and personally. Barbara has gotten involved with the “women’s health movement” which was to advocate for women’s health and made sure that women had accessibility to health information. Barbara had quit her job teaching job and decided to become a full-time writer. In her eighties Barbara had started appearing in mainstream publications and had columns in Ms. And Mother Jones. Barbara’s life included 3 of the following which were Journalism, Book-length projects on subjects, and Activism. One of the books that Barbara has written was "Nickel and Dimed" which was published in 2001 and "Natural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness, the certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer" which was published in 2018.

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