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Maud Stevens Wagner

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Maud Stevens Wagner was the first female tattoo artist in the United States in 1907. Wagner was the only known tattoo artist in the U.S. Maud was also a circus performer. Wagner has worked as an Aerialist, acrobat, and contortionist and has worked in the carnival and the world fair circuit. Wagner has worked at the 1904 World's Fair where she had met a tattooist named Gus Wagner who was also known as "The Tattooed Globetrotter." He taught her how to do different methods of tattooing which one is "hand-poked" and the other one is "stick and poke" both of these methods take patience and detail. Muad had patriotic tattoos, monkeys, butterflies, lions, horses, snakes, trees, women and she had her own name tattooed on her left arm. Steven had also tattooed her circus coworkers. Maud and Gus later became married.

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