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Mary Winsor

1873 - 1933

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Mary Winsor was an American suffragist. Mary had attended Drexel Institute of Philadelphia at Bryn Mawr and abroad. Mary had made a survey of the English suffrage movement. Winsor was the founder and President of the Pennsylvania Limited Suffrage Society and was active in the National Women's Party. Mary was arrested on September 4, 1917 in the Draftee parade and was sentenced at the age of 44 for 60 days at the Occoquan Workhouse. Mary was arrested again on August 6, 1918 in D.C. at the Lafayette Statue. In their trial, the arrestees have not participated in it and had refused to. They were in the D.C. jail for 10 days. Mary Winsor had spoken for suffrage in the country and has participated on the "prison special" speaking tour in February 1919.

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