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Mary G. Ross

1908 - 2008

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Mary G. Ross was an American Engineer and she was known as the first Native American Engineer. Mary was one of the engineers out of the 40th of Skunk Works which was a top-secret tank and she was the only women including the secretary. Mary is known for her world at the Lockheed Corporation on her designs for interplanetary space travel. Ross had pursued a path that was nontraditional at that time for women. Mary was the granddaughter of a Chief John Ross, he had led the Cherokees on the Trail of Tears from the Southeastern United States to Oklahoma. She had received her degree in math from Northeastern State College. Mary has taught Math and Science until she returned to school to earn her masters from Colorado State College of Education. Ross had earned a professional certification in engineering in 1952. Ross was a mathematician at Lockheed Missiles and Space Company in 1942. She had a talent which one of her managers had noticed which then she was sent to UCLA and earned her classification in aeronautical engineering. Ross was rehired back at Lockheed as their first female engineer. Ross had worked on major projects such as the Agena Rocket which was used in the Apollo program to land on the moon. Ross had encouraged women and Native Americans into careers in STEM. Ross is also a member of the Society of Women Engineer and therefore she had established a scholarship which is in her name and this will support female engineers and technologists in the future. Ross had also supported Native Americans, she has worked with many of the educational programs such as the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and the Council of Energy Resource Tribes. It is also noted by the National Science Foundation that 0.1% are working in science and engineering are American Indians and 8.1% of women are employed as aerospace engineers. Ross had passed away on April 29, 2008 at the age of 99. Google has payed their tribute to Mary Ross by adding a Google doodle of her on her Birthday August 9.

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