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Nicole Castillo

1992 - Today

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Nicole Castillo is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about fussing together technology and civic engagement. She is one of the co-founders of BeVisible, an online career platform that is mainly for Latinx Millenials. Nicole has interviewed Latina politicians throughout the United States and shares their wisdom with current and future generations. Her articles have been featured in The Huffington Post Latinas Represent, Project Enye, Latino Rebels, Boston Latino, Latina List, and Medium. Forbes and Vivala have interviewed her insight on politics, women of color in leadership, and was recently named one of five Latinos using social media for social good by Mitu. She also has a lot of experience in working in the movement against domestic and social violence. she advocates for gender equality and serves as the director for Foundation against sexual and domestic violence. In 2016 she got a scholarship of Edie Winsdor Lesbians Who Tech Coding.

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